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How to Work with Painful Emotions

As Earth shifts into a higher vibrational frequency, all that is buried in the dark will surface. This can lead to a time of deep suffering for many as painful emotions come up. By understanding the higher purpose emotions serve, you can learn not to become so attached to them and in turn, handle them more gracefully.


What are Emotions?

Emotions are beautiful expressions of the human being. They are pure energy and can be quantified in physics as frequencies. Here is a diagram that illustrates that:


The Physics of Emotions

When you go through a life experience that brings up a certain emotion (like sadness), the feeling will come and go over a period of time before it disappears. At the beginning, it’s extremely intense, long lasting and painful. After a day or two, it passes and you feel relieved it’s gone. But then it hits again out of the blue. After some time, it goes away. This happens over and over again, where each wave of sadness becomes less intense and shorter. Gradually one day, it becomes so mild, you don’t notice it anymore. If it was mapped out on a graph, sadness (the purple line) would look something like this:

Emotions typically take time to lose its momentum and power. The amplitude of the emotional wave reduces over time after its energy gets used up, allowing it to feel less intense. This is why there’s a saying “it takes time to heal”. But it’s not actually time itself that uses up the emotional energy. It’s you physically feeling the emotions through your nervous system that does the job. So if you want an emotion to disappear faster, the secret trick is to consciously engage with it each time it hits. This is one of the key components of embodiment work.


The Purpose Behind Painful Emotions

Humans love comfort. Pain and suffering are extremely uncomfortable emotional states. The truth is nothing pushes people to do things in life more than the desire to get out of pain and suffering. Essentially, this makes pain and suffering very powerful human motivators.

I truly believe everything in life happens for a reason. But when you are deep in the trenches suffering in pain, you rarely look up to see what lays ahead. Terrible events could very well mask a greater purpose, a gift even, but you won’t see it until you lift your head up and look from a higher perspective.

Perhaps there’s something you’ve always wanted to do in life but couldn’t find the courage to do it. Then life brings you an immensely painful event that evokes deep suffering. Suddenly, you find the new source of pain and suffering is far greater than the pain from your previous fear. This pushes you to take a step in the direction you’ve always wanted to go but could never do.

Suffering can also help you turn your attention inwards, initiating the very important process of self-reflection. When you are in deep pain, you don’t typically have a desire to interact with the outside world. You naturally want to be alone and turn your focus inwards to be present with the feelings and contemplate the experience. This is the start of doing inner healing work, which helps develop self-awareness and higher consciousness. For people who aren’t very emotionally mature to handle the intensity of their negative emotions, escapism replaces inner work to numb the pain. This is where alcohol, drugs, food, sex, shopping and reckless behaviour finds its place in our society.


Why You’re Afraid of Emotional Pain

Emotions are a special gift to humanity. They give meaning to your life and adds depth to the human experience. Emotions need to be felt, embodied, understood, accepted and integrated before they will disappear. So the only way to survive through the pain is simply to move through its entire life cycle with absolute presence. Basically, you need to be present in your body as the pain moves through you. There’s no way around it.

It’s definitely not easy to do but guess what? You have an amazing nervous system and the ability to feel for a reason. You are designed to feel emotions and I promise you, your body can handle it. If this seems scary at first, there’s two reasons:

  1. You haven’t used your emotional body in a long time so it’s disconnected, dormant, backed up and rather rusty.
  2. You haven’t been taught how use your nervous system properly to feel. Basically, you’re not educated on how your spiritual body works and how to use this amazing energetic machinery you have.

Like any new skill, it gets easier with practice. As you become more familiar with feeling the full range of human emotions, it won’t feel so scary. You’ll even start to appreciate emotions for the gift they truly are.

I create intuitive music to help people feel their emotions in a safe and comfortable way. It’s one of the easiest ways to learn how to re-engage with your nervous system and feel again. If you’re struggling with painful emotions, here is a song that will help soothe those feelings and assist you with processing your emotions in a gentle way.


How to Feel, Process and Heal Your Negative Emotions

If you want more in depth information on how to work with your painful emotions, you can listen to this episode on my podcast The Higher Perspective with VickiLynn.

In this episode, I discuss many things related to negative emotions such as:

  • What are emotions & where do they exist
  • How to process your emotions effectively
  • Why you’re emotionally numb and not able to feel anything
  • Techniques for emotional healing
  • What suppressing & denying your feelings lead to
  • A crucial and often missing step to fully processing your emotions
  • The hidden connection between emotions & beliefs
  • And more!


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