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Ayahuasca Journey: Fairies Heal My Blocked Voice

I follow my heart into the rainforest of Costa Rica and partake in my sixth Ayahuasca ceremony. After a few years from my ceremonies in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, I’m ready to dive deep once more to gain some additional clarity in my life. 


Ayahuasca Journey

I lay on my stomach with my left cheek pressed against the grass trying to catch my breath. Grandmother Ayahuasca gives me a much needed few seconds before rolling in my next journey.

Without a second more, the transition makes its way. I begin feeling a strong buzzing sensation all over my backside. From my neck down along my spine, I feel a dozen little wings vibrating powerfully near me.


There are about a dozen of these little elementals flying around me. I see beautiful vibrant colours everywhere. The fairies start playing with me. They tug on me and pull on me in different directions. They are incredibly playful and active, causing me to giggle out loud as we interact. 

In all of my spiritual experiences, mystical beings never communicate with human words. They always use telepathy, mental imagery, or some kind of frequency transfer as a way to communicate. The energy vibrations travel through my nervous system and I have interpret them using my intuition. The understanding comes from the depths of my soul. 


Vocal Exercises with Fairies

The fairies are telepathically telling me we are going to do a vocal exercise together. My shy meter runs very high but before my ego has a chance to say no, Ayahuasca and the fairies push both my ego and self-doubt to the back seat, giving my soul the full stage. My inner vocalist shines and I start singing out loud by humming a melody.

That melody is only a warm up though. The fairies then guide me to produce harmonics with my voice that are key specific. Every time I hit a note correctly, I would feel energy traveling down my spine to the corresponding chakra in which that note resonates with. The vibrations of that tone would activate and energize the matching chakra. This chart beautifully summarizes what I’m referring to:








Mind blowing, isn’t it?!

The fairies would show me the tone first, then I would follow them by producing it with my own voice. They focus on my upper chakras. As we reach the throat, third eye and crown chakra, I find myself hesitating a little, doubting if I could belt out such high pitched tones. But with their encouragement, I carry through and to my amazement, I hit all those notes in perfect harmony. With each successful note, I feel my confidence and inner voice strengthening.


Ayahuasca Heals My Throat Chakra

The important part of psychedelic experiences is to always integrate the message in our life. So what’s the meaning behind this experience?

Before drinking my cup of medicine, I set the intention for Ayahuasca to heal me and assist me in stepping onto my path so I can fulfill my purpose.

My purpose is to open up my voice so I can confidently share the wisdom I’ve gained from my life experiences. As well, heal others with my voice using light language and vocal toning. However, I’ve been having much difficulty with this. Between the insecurities and creator’s block, nothing seems to come out. There seems to be some kind of block with my throat chakra where I’m unable to use my voice to speak my truth and express my authentic self.

Ayahuasca and the fairies have brought the power of sound and energy healing to help me overcome this obstacle. As I hit each note, the vibrations of that specific tone would send energy that clears and activates the matching chakra. Emphasis is placed on my throat as they guide me to repeat that specific note several times until I crack the barrier. And it happens… a little fracture begins to form.


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  • Reply
    Antonio Juarez Lopez
    August 3, 2023 at 9:22 PM

    Given your high degree of sensitivity, do you sometimes perceive and/or communicate with fairies, or other earthy spiritual entities, in non-ceremonial environments?

    • Avatar photo
      VickiLynn Chan
      August 3, 2023 at 11:14 PM

      Hi Antonio, thank you! It would be a great idea for you to start singing, I think your soul would be very happy to be able to express itself in that artistic way 🙂 Yes, I can perceive and communicate with spiritual beings outside of ceremonial environments. I think it is quite common for sensitive people. Are you able to do that as well?

  • Reply
    Antonio Juarez Lopez
    August 3, 2023 at 9:16 PM

    Beautifully detailed!! I do enjoy the details and the way you consciously followed what was occurring, the fairies’ intentions, and your own multifaceted emotions, reactions, and perceptions. I enjoyed it very much! And it reminds me to consider singing as a channel of expression for my own soul.

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