Below is a list of my current offerings. You can click on each one to learn more about it.



Spiritual Consultation

A spiritual consultation provides higher guidance and insight on your everyday life problems. I’ll be connecting to your soul and reading your overall frequency to help you understand the spiritual meaning behind the challenges you’re facing and formulate action steps you can take to overcome them. This session is similar to receiving a psychic reading except it’s interactive, like a workshop, where I’ll be mentoring you on how to solve your own problems and encourage you to find answers from within.



Light Language Sound Healing

Spiritual hygiene is an important part of your self-care practice that benefits your soul. This session uses sound frequencies (light language singing) and quantum light energy to fully tune-up your energy body and heal your soul. Possibilities include releasing suppressed emotions, calming your nervous system, balancing chakras, aura repair, dissolving energetic cords/blocks and ancestral healing. Includes a personalized prescription of light language frequencies.

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is important for healing trauma. Traumatic experiences fragment the soul and these pieces disperse into different spiritual dimensions. In shamanism, this is called “soul loss”. This healing session retrieves and integrates these soul pieces back into your body so you can feel present, whole and grounded again. Includes a personalized prescription of light language frequencies.



Metamorphosis: Inner Healing Program

This personalized one-on-one program is designed to help you develop your spiritual health so you can restore harmony in all areas of your life. It conveniently combines healing work with mentorship coaching to support you in become soul-embodied and spiritually sovereign. You’ll be going through a deep transformational process that unifies the dark and light within you. By application only.