Below is a list of my current offerings. You can click on each one to learn more about it.



Spiritual Consultation

A spiritual consultation provides higher guidance and insight on your everyday life problems. I’ll be connecting with your soul and reading your overall frequency to help you understand the spiritual meaning behind the challenges you’re facing. To guide you in overcoming them, I will recommend action steps you can take right away. This session is similar to receiving a psychic reading except I’ll be encouraging you to find answers from within.



Light Language Sound Healing

As the vibrational frequency of the planet increases, you may find yourself suffering from physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual discomfort. This has to do with your body’s inability to handle all the incoming energies because of blockages in your bioenergetic system. This session uses vocal sound frequencies (i.e. encoded light language singing) and quantum light (i.e. etheric surgery on your multidimensional holographic body) to heal, recalibrate and restore your bioenergetic system back into its most ideal state. These encoded frequencies will also reconnect you back to the original source of pure undistorted light. Because everyone’s situation is different, possibilities can include:

  • Releasing suppressed emotions
  • Cleansing and balancing chakras
  • Opening energetic meridian channels
  • Biofield (aura) repair
  • Entity attachment removal
  • Resolving soul contracts
  • Ancestral healing
  • Removing trauma imprints & energetic overlays
  • Etheric implant extractions
  • Clearing AI nanotechnology
  • Correcting genetic distortions to restore your angelic human DNA
  • Bio-neurological recalibration
  • Recoding disadvantageous mental programming

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is important for healing trauma. Traumatic experiences fragment the soul and these pieces disperse into different spiritual dimensions, resulting in “soul loss” of different aspects of yourself. This healing session retrieves and integrates these soul pieces back into your heart so you can feel present, whole and grounded again. Unresolved trauma has to be addressed prior to a soul retrieval so if you have a lot of that, please consider doing a light language sound healing session first. Soul retrieval is a pre-requisite for the soul embodiment process.