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Protecting Yourself from Energy Vampires

Is there an energy vampire draining your energy? They are everywhere nowadays! They hide behind costumes that we know as lovers, family, friends, coworkers, neighbours, and even people we follow online.

If you happen to have energy vampires in your life, then it’s extremely important for you to understand how they operate so you know how to deal with them properly. In this article, I will share why they need to drain your energy in the first place and what attracts them to you. I’ll also explain why the technique of shielding is a terrible way to protect yourself and what you can do instead to stop this from continuing on.


What is an Energy Vampire?

An energy vampire is someone who need to drain your life force energy because he/she is cut off from their own source. Since they no longer have access to that within themselves, they need to find other people who still have that connection and siphon their energy instead.

There’s a common belief that everyone has an open connection to Source. So are you wondering why these people are different? The answer is a little complicated, but generally speaking, it’s because they have a spiritual illness. The cause of that illness is related to these three things:

  1. Loss of Personal Power
    This usually happens when someone suffers from chronic depression. They might have a long-term illness or continuous life challenges that keep happening to them. They don’t see how they can get out of their situation and this puts them in a state of hopelessness. Things appear to be permanently stuck this way, causing them to forever feel like a victim to their circumstances.
  2. Trauma
    Major traumatic life events happen to everyone but not everyone is able to recover from them. Trauma can really be anything. It can be a car accident, a medical intervention like a procedure or surgery, going through devastating natural disasters, a death of someone close, or abuse – physical, sexual, mental, emotional – that is so common in narcissistic relationships.
  3. Spiritually Blocked
    Taking on negative energies can affect a person spiritually. These can range from mental, emotional or spiritual energies that a person absorbs from either the environment or from other people. This happens on an unconscious level so they are not usually aware they have these attachments. These energies are extremely difficult to remove. It takes a skilled practitioner to do that and finding a genuine healer who can do that nowadays is not that easy.

All these things cause a major shock to the soul. They affect the connection that the soul has to Source, which is the place we all draw our life force energy from. Because these people are now cut off from this connection, they have to find other people who still have it and steal it from them… like you!


How Energy Vampires Find Their Prey

Energy vampires are very strategic in how they pick out their prey. These people have fine-tuned their sensory abilities. In a sea of people, they can instantly pick out the ones who are energetically weak and damaged. They go after these people because they have rips and holes in their energy field. Rips and holes mean they are leaking out precious life force energy, the very thing energy vampires are starving for!

If you find yourself constantly attracting energy vampires, then you need to ask yourself this one question:

“What does my energy field look like?”

There’s a very good chance it has a lot of holes. And the holes are typically a result of these things:

  • Depression
  • Suffering from pain
  • Emotions like anger, jealousy, fear, hatred
  • Judgement and criticism
  • Low self-esteem
  • Trauma
  • Negative self-talk or gossiping
  • Worry and overthinking
  • Victimhood mentality

In other words, it’s low vibrational frequencies you are emitting out that draws energy vampires towards you. They know that these things are going to puncture holes into your energy field. And if you have holes, you’re going to be leaking life force energy that they can feast on without much effort.

Hopefully that makes a little bit of sense and helps you understand why you might have this long lineup of energy vampires that are trying to feed off of you. Hopefully, it starts to spark some ideas on how you can truly start addressing the problem.


How to Deal with an Energy Vampire

There are generally four things suggested for empaths and sensitive people to do to protect themselves against an energy vampire. Basically it’s to have boundaries, protect yourself with a shield, ground and avoid.

These things do technically work, but I’ve found that it’s only temporary. Also, the energetic cost of doing those things is enormous.

Upholding a shield to protect yourself is a mental discipline that uses up a lot of energy and takes conscious effort. I have found if I take my focus off of holding up the shield to focus on doing something else, the shield will come down, making me vulnerable again.

That means shielding is only a coping mechanism. Personally, I don’t want to cope with a problem for the rest of my life. I want to heal it. I want to ELIMINATE it for good.

In my opinion, these commonly taught coping and protection techniques are extremely outdated for our current times. They don’t come from a place of empowerment. They don’t liberate you in life and don’t free you from the problems you experience being an empath or sensitive person. That brings you right back to where you started!

If you really want to win the game against energy vampires, these three things are what I recommend:

  1. Learn Energetic Literacy
    You need to be able to read and understand energy. Become proficient at the language of energy. Also, you have to learn how to communicate and express yourself energetically from a place of power.
  2. Do Inner Work
    Find the courage to turn your focus inwards and reflect on who you truly are. Address the core issues that are causing you to have negative self-talk and produce negative emotions. These things weaken your energy field and puts holes into it so you want to eliminate these problems.
  3. Heal Your Energy Body
    Since you have holes in your energy field, you also need to fill up those holes. Patch them up so you have a strong and solid field. I create sound healing music to help with this. I recommend this one first and then this one.

Basically, you need to move from a disempowered and fragmented state into an empowered and healing state. Doing these things will take more time but it will provide a long-term solution. It actually solves the root problem for good. If you’re interested in finding out how you can do these things, you can learn more here.


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