About Me

Hi, my name is VickiLynn and it’s lovely to meet!

Throughout history, humans have worshipped all kinds of beings and objects, except themselves. The greatness of being human has never been truly celebrated. In my opinion, this is because darkness has obscured our ability to see who we truly are and the meaning behind our lives. My goal is to help anchor that understanding into the consciousness of humanity. This starts with the cultivation of self-awareness so we can clearly see ourselves and our reality. In this state, we can then learn how to operate through life in a more fun and purposeful way, perhaps beginning to actually enjoy our human experience here on Earth.

Life is full of never-ending challenges and I honestly don’t have all the answers. What I do have though are neat abilities and insights acquired from everything that has happened to me so far. I feel encouraged to share these things with the hopes they will assist others in navigating through their own life obstacles more gracefully. I hope my perspectives can serve as a spark of light in this otherwise dark journey.

Darkness is the absence of light. I’ve found the most effective way to deal with this is through self-illumination – a process where you light your own torch and illuminate all the dark areas within yourself. Make no mistake, it’s not an easy practice. Many extremely unsightly things hidden in the dark will be revealed. However, by approaching my life problems this way and also by learning how to work with energy and sound, I’ve managed to transform darkness into a beautiful opportunity of growth instead. The journey becomes less dreadful and more meaningful as I learn to appreciate the value hidden within the dark.

Through a glimpse into my life, I hope to awaken self-awareness in humanity so that people become conscious of their own inner truth. And from that, be inspired to express the greatest and most authentic version of themselves without any fear.

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Join me as I follow my heart, exploring this beautiful planet and flowing through the ups and downs of life. My blog will be my creative corner in cyberspace where I informally but authentically share my journey, inspirations and insights. It will highlight people, places, things and ideas that will hopefully open your eyes, mind and heart once again.

Let’s be part of this incredible shift together. I look forward to sharing, learning, growing, supporting and transforming together!