About Me

Hi, my name is VickiLynn. Like most people, I went through life doing all the regular human things – go to school, get a job, struggle through personal relationships, attempt to find romantic love, deal with health problems, as well as dabble in financial investments to beat the rat race. Basically, do my best to fit into society as a normal citizen and live a decent life.

As I did my best to figure out how to navigate through this mysterious human experience, I rode through some pretty deep lows that were followed by some unbelievable highs, which were occasionally separated by varying lengths of boring flats. Somewhere along this ride, very abnormal things also started happening to me. Things that took me in the opposite direction of normal, which was where I thought I wanted to be.

Luckily, I’ve come to realize a couple of things since then. First, there is no fun in being normal and second, these abnormal things are actually quite extraordinary. They’ve provided me with unique perspectives on life and beyond. While I don’t have all the answers, I’ve gained some pretty neat abilities and insights from everything that’s happened to me so far. I feel encouraged to share these things now because I see much pain and confusion in the world. I hope my unique insights will help others navigate through their own darkness with more grace.

I’ve learn the best way to approach darkness is through self-illumination. This means you turn on your own light source so you can illuminate all the dark areas within yourself. By addressing my life problems this way and by learning how to play with frequencies, I’ve been able to transform darkness in my own life into a welcomed opportunity of expansion where magic abounds.

Through a glimpse into my life, I hope to awaken self-awareness in humanity so that people can become conscious of their own inner truth. From that, be inspired to express the greatest and most authentic version of themselves in this world, and to do so without any fear.

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Join me as I follow my heart, exploring this beautiful planet and flowing through the ups and downs of life. My blog will be my creative corner in cyberspace where I informally but authentically share my journey, inspirations and insights. It will highlight people, places, things and ideas that will hopefully open your eyes, mind and heart once again.

Let’s be part of this incredible shift together. I look forward to sharing, learning, growing, supporting and transforming together!