I'm VickiLynn ♡

As a Lemurian shamanic healer, my purpose is to inspire spiritual growth through the internal unification of dark and light.

My light language music is encoded with conscious multidimensional sound healing frequencies that opens the heart and reconnects humanity to its soul. "The Higher Perspective with VickiLynn" is my podcast where I share wisdom on the non-physical realms to encourage spiritual health, inner healing and energetic literacy so people can awaken to the truth of who they are.

For as long as I could remember, I have always had the ability to sense people's thoughts and emotions. I wasn't aware I was using that ability everyday as a child to protect myself. Growing up in an unstable environment where I witnessed and experienced abuse, my hypersensitivity allowed me to read the room so I could ensure my own safety.

In the Asian culture, there's an expectation to uphold the image of a perfect family, regardless of what really happens behind closed doors. This led me to suppressing the abuse and pretending everything was fine, to the point where I started to believe it myself. Deep down inside though, I knew I was far from fine.



My mom noticed how musically inclined I was as a kid and decided to nurture it. Somehow, even though we were poor, I got put into private piano lessons. Classical music became my escape. It was also where I learned how to feel Spirit through music.

Music came easy to me. I was able to skip grades and advanced myself in only a few short years. There was immense pressure from my parents to finish all the grades and get my teacher's license as fast as possible because of money issues. Eventually, I couldn't handle the pressure and unrealistic expectations anymore so quit. I then found something new to soothe the pain — boys.


* * *

When it came to relationships, things got ugly really fast. I subconsciously kept attracting, choosing and engaging with narcissistic, emotionally unavailable and abusive guys. I later learned it was trauma bonding and it was what I found comfortably familiar from my childhood upbringing.

The Universe felt I could handle more so life also delivered health problems, manipulative friendships, family drama and a deep dissatisfaction in my healthcare career. The container attempting to hold it all together (me) was starting to develop fractures. It felt like life was about to burst at the seams in any given moment.

One cold winter night, something extraordinary happened to me that took my life in a completely different trajectory. I had a visitation in my bedroom from a beautiful interdimensional being who came to give me a personal message. That experience altered me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

After that, I continued to have other contact experiences. These experiences exposed me to a diverse range of frequencies that helped activate different things within me, including my ability to understand the abstract language of the soul and heal the way I do. My mind wanted to make sense of everything so I went deep down the rabbit hole in search for the truth to reality and who I really was.

At the same time, I was also privately experimenting with my newly acquired abilities and ended up teaching myself how to move energy with my hands and journey into different dimensions using the sounds in my voice. In the process of doing that, I started to awaken to who I was and began to remember my soul purpose of being a healer. Guess who my first lucky client ended up being?


* * *

The seams holding life together did burst and I descended into my dark night of the soul. The shock was so bad that it unlocked all the trauma and emotional pain I had unknowingly been carrying since childhood. Everything that was mine and everything else that wasn't mine.

In addition to my own stuff, I had also unconsciously taken on the trauma and pain from my parents to help alleviate some of their suffering. The shock from my dark night of the soul triggered an avalanche and released it all. Suddenly, I remembered all of the horrible things that had happened to me in the past. Emotional pain that I suppressed and never felt started to hit me in big continuous waves. The level of pain was insurmountable. It got frightening when it felt like I was being brought to the doorstep of death as I drowned in my emotional pain. My inner world was collapsing and I nearly lost my sanity with it.

Modern day medicine is really not equipped to handle this sort of stuff. Neither is the alternative healthcare field. So what do you do then when you're in a life-and-death situation and there's no immediate solution available? You create it.

Guided by my intuition, I took a leap of faith and dove into the darkness. I followed my emotional pain as the guiding light and allowed the sound frequencies from my voice to carry me into places I didn't even know existed.

It's here in the inner dimensions that I learned how to formulate the antidote to all the poisons life delivered me. It's here that I figured out how to merge all the fragmented pieces of my soul together and come back into wholeness. The abilities I've been developing over the last six years happened to be exactly what I needed... a strange coincidence indeed.

Healing is a continuous journey but thankfully, I intuitively knew how to process emotional energy and was able to clear out a majority of the trauma imprints on a spiritual level. This created the space within me to bring my soul back into my body so I could begin to integrate the healing psychologically and rebuild my physical reality.

That brings me to why I'm here now.

Right now, humanity is entering a time of great potential for consciousness expansion. Human consciousness is tied intimately to the sensitivity of energy. Since everything is energy, this means people are going to become more aware of their thoughts, memories, feelings and emotions, including any trauma and pain they have been unconsciously carrying.

This can be a very challenging time that brings up a lot of fear, chaos and darkness. Suffering will likely rise but there's always a higher divine purpose to things. It is my belief that these intense times are here to help people wake up to who they truly are and remember how to use that immense power they hold within to free themselves.

Until we arrive at that point, the ride is going to be an extremely bumpy one. What will lessen the motion sickness is if we become fluent in the language of energy and learn how to work with it for our benefit.

My mission is to teach energetic literacy as the foundation for expanding human consciousness and for soul embodiment. I'm here to bring back forgotten spiritual knowledge and healing frequencies that can be applied to our current times as a way to assist people with their awakening and healing journey.

We are at a pivotal time. Your remembrance of who you are and your soul presence here on Earth is urgently needed. Not tomorrow or next year, but...