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Activating Telepathy with Dolphins in Hawaii

Dolphins have ancient connections to the land of Lemuria. A chance encounter in the wild with these beautiful creatures can open doors to the higher realms where you can access the frequencies they carry from these mystical places. An interaction with wild dolphins is basically nature offering you free healing energies.


How Dolphins Communicate

Dolphins communicate through echolocation using high frequency sound vibrations that are generally well above the range of human perception. Occasionally, they produce sounds that fall on the lower spectrum of frequencies. These are the high-pitched whistling and clicking sounds that human ears can pick up.

Because of our auditory limitations though, we don’t usually hear anything at all. Although it appears to be silent, the dolphins are still transmitting a lot of frequencies in every direction. They are just ultrasonic and hypersonic. These sounds can be captured visually using a Cymascope in the field of cymatics. You can see the beautiful geometric imprint of a dolphin echolocation in the image to the left. Therefore, swimming with dolphins is essentially immersing your body in a healing oceanic sound bath!

It has been a dream of mine to have an opportunity to meet them naturally in the Pacific Ocean. In 2019, the invitation comes intuitively so I follow my heart and purchase a plane ticket to Hawaii. During an early morning swim in the Pacific Ocean, a pod of about 100 wild dolphins show up. I am ecstatic! I get bathed in all these incredible dolphin frequencies as I swim with them. Their beautiful cymatic patterns imprint onto my energetic field.


Dolphin Healing & Activation

Frequencies contain information that have the ability to do many things such as heal and activate things within us. These frequencies affect us subconsciously and spiritually. They work on the cellular level to bring change from the depths of our core.

Healing can come in the form of helping us release suppressed emotions. It can assist us in alleviating pain or discomfort. It can also improve various mental imbalances by synchronizing our brainwaves and hemispheres.

On the other hand, activations can bring forth latent skills, hidden abilities or a remembrance of forgotten knowledge. It can encourage us to expand our awareness and perceptions so we gain insights into various events in our life we couldn’t see before. It can also assist us in dropping illusionary beliefs we hold about ourselves so we can embody more of who we truly are in this world.

The outcome of each person’s dolphin interaction varies. It depends on what kind of work you need. The possibilities are limitless. I believe my encounter was an activation. The dolphins helped upgrade my communication abilities to be more like how they communicate with each other.


Telepathy in Humans

When dolphins make their sounds, they are essentially communicating telepathically using vibrational frequencies, similar to light language. Frequencies contain information. Many people report receiving mental images when they interact with dolphins. Mental imagery is one of the most common ways in which the human body physicalizes information carried by frequencies.

Telepathy isn’t a fictional reality or a superhuman ability. Animals engage in this form of communication regularly. As well, ancient civilizations throughout history used telepathy as a way to communicate. Somewhere along the storyline, words completely replaced telepathy. And with that, our ability to connect and understand each other became greatly compromised.

Words can only convey a small fraction of what telepathy can. When we use words, we consciously limit what parts to share and what parts to hide. However, telepathy provides the entire message in full details. There’s less chance of miscommunication and misunderstanding because nothing gets hidden. Of course, this requires total transparency and authenticity, which is a beautiful direction for humanity to evolve towards.


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