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What is Light Language? A Beginner’s Guide

Glossolalia is a phenomenon in which a person spontaneously begins to speak an unknown language. In 2017, this phenomenon happened to me. After a series of extraordinary events, I suddenly began speaking a non-terrestrial language that I have never learned before. I now know it as light language.


What is Light Language?

Light language is an intuitive language of the soul. Some people refer to it as the language of Spirit, star language or speaking in tongues. It’s how the soul communicates information carried in energy that is coming from higher spiritual realms. It does this by expressing it through the human body in different forms of light language.

Traditional human languages, like English, are linear languages. These are left brain languages that the conscious mind can easily analyze to understand. On the other hand, light language is multidimensional. It’s creative, artistic, emotional and dynamic. This makes it a right brain language and is not something the conscious mind can analyze. Basically, it’s just a different way of communicating and connecting.

Light language contains encoded information. Think of it like an encrypted zip file that carries dense amounts of information. Your soul knows how to unzip it, decode it and use the information.


Different Forms of Expression

There are four common forms of expression. They are:

  • Speaking: using “words”
  • Singing: using melodies or vocal toning
  • Signing: using hand or body movements
  • Writing: using symbols or drawings, including mandalas

All of these forms of expression is the body’s way of physicalizing frequencies that are invisible and inaudible so it can be perceived within the small range of human perception.

You can find examples of each of these expressions in my video here.


Where Does It Come From?

Light language comes from our soul accessing frequencies in different dimensional realities. There are infinite amounts of frequencies in the Universe. Some of it carries information that can be used to create positive change in this physical reality for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

The purest forms of it comes through only when a person does enough inner healing work to integrate the shadows self which blocks one’s true expression of self. It also requires the heart to open for the soul to have a genuine connection to Source. This happens over time as one develops spiritually. This is mandatory for a person to become a channel for clean frequencies from Source. It is important to distinguish the difference between those who channel their Higher Self connected to Source versus those who channel demonic entities masquerading as the light.


How Does Light Language Work?

Light language is a form of advanced spiritual technology that is just beginning to surface for humanity. It’s a combination of sacred geometry, mathematics, colours/light, sound frequencies and quantum energy. It’s all of those things working together to affect a person in many different layers and in multiple dimensions. As you can imagine, this is complex stuff! The honest truth is we are not at a place to fully understand or explain how something this advanced works.

However, as an intuitive and sensitive person, I can perceive different shapes, spirals, patterns, mandalas, colours and tones when I work with light language. I can also feel energy move through my nervous system through a tingling sensation. Those vibrations bring up different feelings, emotions, memories, thoughts and insights into my conscious awareness for processing.

Light language is a photonic and phononic frequency-based language. It’s designed to bypass the conscious mind and work with the subconscious and unconscious mind directly. This makes it very effective at addressing certain issues that conventional medicine has no solution for. The reason for this is because the conscious mind is heavily programmed with limiting beliefs, which blocks our innate ability to heal.


Different Ways to Use It

Many people are speaking and sharing their version of light language nowadays, which is great. But remember, not all of it is the same, nor do they do the same things or have the same effects across the board.

There are many ways to use it. The three I’m most familiar with are:

  1. Healing
  2. A Form of Expression
  3. Elevate Your Vibrations

I get into each one in more detail here and also provide examples of each in the video.


How to Understand Light Language?

When I first received my light language, I wanted to translate what I was saying word for word into English. After all, that’s how society translates a language. But after working with it for all these years, I can guarantee that if you approach it this way, you will never understand it. Remember, light language is not a linear language. It’s multidimensional. Therefore, it requires different skills to decode and understand.

What I have found works best is to tap into intuition and feel it in totality using your body, heart and soul.

For example, when you listen to an instrumental piece of music, there are no words, only a melody. Yet, you can listen to that melody and know intuitively whether it’s about love, happiness, sadness or anger. If you want to understand light language, you have to approach it in a similar way. It’s more about becoming aware of how those vibrations affect you and the different feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories and insights that surface from listening to it.

In this video, I guide you through an exercise that teaches how you can start understanding light language right away.


How to Activate your Light Language?

Everyone can eventually activate their own version of light language. Everyone’s language will sound different because no two souls are the same.

To activate yours, there are a few things to consider doing:

  1. It’s a form of communication that comes from the heart. Start living life authentically, expressing who you truly are. Make decisions based on what you really want deep down inside. Follow your intuition.
  2. Heal yourself – mind, body and soul. Do inner work to clear away all the emotional baggage you carry from your past traumas so you can open your heart to gain access to these beautiful subtle frequencies. Also do work to clear away blocks to your throat chakra so you can deliver what comes through.
  3. Take up music. Listen to instrumental or light language songs and learn how to intuitively feel the message in the melody through your body. Start singing to open up your voice.

Everyone is at a different place in their spiritual journey. You will receive your language when the time is right and if it’s meant to happen. It’s not something you can force, learn or consciously activate. Just choose to live your life from your heart and the rest will unfold naturally as it always does.



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    Parker Stafford
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    I’m writing an entry about L.L. on my blog and will be quoting you from yours. I have had experiences with an unknown language that was part of a series of dreams that took place close to a full kundalini awakening. It’ll be over on Waking The Infinite on WordPress.

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      VickiLynn Chan
      March 5, 2024 at 10:02 AM

      Very interesting experiencing! I will definitely be checking it out, thank you for letting me know

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