Light Language Sound Healing Session


As the vibrational frequency of the planet increases, you may find yourself suffering from physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual discomfort. This has to do with your body’s inability to handle all the incoming energies because of blockages in your bioenergetic system. These blockages come from all the trauma your soul has acquired across lifetimes which never got healed.

Light language is a very effective way to help heal, recalibrate and restore your bioenergetic system back into its most ideal state so it can manage the incoming high vibrational frequencies more efficiently. It can also help reconnect you back to the original source of pure undistorted light so you have the clarity you need to fulfill your soul purpose here.


In this session, your bioenergetic system will be restored to its most ideal state by clearing away distortions that prevent it from functioning properly and healing any damages your soul has acquired across lifetimes. After that, I will recalibrate your system using encoded multidimensional light language sound frequencies and rewire your energetic pathways with etheric surgery. This will help your body transmute energy more efficiently and accommodate the influx of new high vibrational frequencies pouring in without being overwhelmed by them (i.e. ascension symptoms). These encoded frequencies will also reconnect you back to the original source of pure undistorted light. This will provide the clarity you need to remember, understand and fulfill your soul purpose here. The intention behind this healing work is to restore the divine architecture of who you are so you can actualize your greatest potential in human form.

Because everyone’s situation is different, possibilities can include:

  • Releasing suppressed emotions
  • Cleansing and balancing chakras
  • Opening energetic meridian channels
  • Biofield (aura) repair
  • Entity attachment removal
  • Resolving soul contracts
  • Ancestral healing
  • Removing trauma imprints & energetic overlays
  • Etheric implant extractions
  • Clearing AI nanotechnology
  • Correcting genetic distortions to restore your angelic human DNA
  • Bio-neurological recalibration
  • Recoding disadvantageous mental programming

Once the healing work is complete, you’ll receive 10-minutes of personalized light language frequencies in song form as a sound meditation. You can download the audio track and listen to it for the prescribed number of days. It acts like oral medicine but this is music medicine that you consume vibrationally with your ears. These sound frequencies are tailored to your unique energetic signature and will support the changes that will unfold in your energy body, subconscious mind, heart chakra and soul for several days after the session.


Examples of benefits you may receive from this session include:

  • Reduction in anxiety and stress levels
  • Ability to sleep better
  • Emotional stability
  • Better mood and a return of joy/happiness
  • Feeling lighter
  • Mental clarity
  • Lifting of depression with a more positive outlook in life
  • Awakening of your spiritual gifts, soul memories and purpose
  • Release of fears, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns that hold you back in life
  • Reigniting motivation, excitement and sense of purpose
  • Stronger self-love, self-esteem and confidence
  • Feeling comfortable with being your authentic self in this world
  • Improvement in your overall health
  • Longevity & beautiful natural glow
  • And more!


Duration: 60 minutes
—40 minutes sound healing
—10 minutes personalized light language frequencies
—10 minutes review
Includes: Audio recording of healing session + light language sound meditation track + written summary report
Location: Online (via Skype)

*You’ll receive the link to schedule a time for your session after payment in the confirmation screen. If those times do not work for you due to time zone differences, please contact me via email to make alternative arrangements.


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