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What is Light Language? How to Understand It, Activate It, Use It and More


Glossolalia is a phenomenon in which a person spontaneously begins to speak an unknown language. In 2016, this phenomenon happened to me. I began speaking an unknown language. I now refer to this unknown language as etheric light language.

In this article, I am going to share my own perspectives on what I know about light language. I will reference scientific research articles to support my ideas where possible.

What is Light Language?

To me, light Language is a form of vibrational medicine. That means it uses sound frequencies to shift the energy of a person or place back into its natural harmonic state. Common forms of sound therapy currently out there include binaural beats for brainwave entrainment, tuning forks, crystal bowls and music. It is in my own personal belief that light language is a very, very new and innovative form of sound healing.

Most of the research out there regarding frequencies seems to be mostly applied in the fields of physics, astrophysics, electronics, computers and engineering. I couldn’t find much linking sound frequencies to medicine. There is some interesting research on how ultrasound influences neural stem cells. As more research gets done on sound frequencies and how it affects the human body, I truly think this will become more common in people’s everyday lives.


How Does Light Language Work?

When light language is spoken, the most important aspect of it is the vibration of each word that’s pronounced. These vibrations can affect and/or calibrate the cells in your body back to its natural harmonic state through resonance. Resonance is when one object vibrates at a frequency and forces a second object to match its vibration. This is how tuning forks work, however with light language, the vocal cords of the person speaking the light language becomes the only instrument or tool needed.

So in a way, it is a form of communication where the speaker communicates with the body’s cells through sound frequencies. These frequencies provides information to the cells in the body and instructs them on what to do.

The speaker acts as an antenna and picks up on different frequencies, consolidates all of the information through his or her body, then delivers that information through different forms of light language so that the average person can perceive these energies.


The Different Forms of Light Language

There are five different forms of light language that I currently use and practice. As time goes on, it is possible that more forms of light language will emerge, but for now, I will talk about the ones that are most familiar to me:

  • Spoken Light Language: using the vocal cords of a person to produce sound frequencies in word form to alter energy
  • Sung Light Language: using the vocal cords of the person to produce rhythmic melodies and tones to alter energy
  • Signed Light Language: using hand movements to physically alter energy. Also very effective in holographic energy work that can be done remotely. Pairs well with spoken or sung light language.
  • Written Light Language: using symbols to express frequencies. In my opinion, Reiki symbols, crop circles and the Om symbol are examples of this.
  • Somatic Light Language: using body movements and postures to alter one’s energy. Yoga postures would be an example. Each yoga posture works on a specific energetic blockage within the body. Doing a sequence of postures helps open up an entire channel of energy within the body. Another example would be dancing. During tribal times for example, there was something called “shaking medicine”. This is when indigenous people would allow energies to flow through the body and guide the person into movement as a way to clear or release energy.

All of these forms of light language are basically the body’s way of physicalizing frequencies and delivering it in a way that is perceivable by the human sensory system.

Limitations with Human Perception

Did you know that our basic five senses of perception as humans are extremely limiting? Take our auditory system as an example, we can only hear sound frequencies that fall within the range of 20Hz and 20kHz. Anything outside of this range cannot be physically heard by humans. We just don’t have the hardware and/or ability to perceive these frequencies, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We do have some technology that can pick up and utilize frequencies outside our perceivable range, such as the medial equipment called ultrasound. However, even so, our current technology has its limits.

I think with light language, our bodies are developing new ways to physicalize frequencies that previously had no way of manifesting in physical form. When we tune ourselves (our antennas/DNA) correctly, we are able to receive these frequencies, integrate them through our body and then deliver them in a way where the average person can perceive it.


Where Does Light Language Come From?

The simple answer is… everywhere!

That is probably not the answer most people are expecting. Most people are expecting me to name a particular star system, race or dimension where these frequencies are coming from. Unfortunately, I don’t have such a label. If I were to label mine, I would call it etheric light language because it’s ethereal frequencies I am picking up from the ethers. That is probably the closest and most accurate label I can give you. Let me elaborate.

I think labeling is such a limiting human construct. We only have labels for things we have discovered and for things we know about. In reality, there is so much more out there that we haven’t discovered yet, that we don’t know know about and that we can’t explain.

Also, labeling is a human egoic desire, which is very contradicting to what the purpose of light language is here to do. Light language is here to encourage us to get out of our head space and drop down into our heart in order to FEEL. Therefore, the desire to label light language completely defeats its purpose in my opinion.


How Do You Understand and Translate Light Language?

When I first got my light language, like every other human being on this planet, I wanted to translate what I was saying verbatim into English. After all, that’s how we are taught to understand languages. We even have a field of study called linguistics where it breaks down languages into cognitive structures like phonetics, vocabulary, syntax, grammar, semantics and acquisition. However, none of those apply to light language because it’s not a linear terrestrial language so cannot be translated that way. It’s multidimensional and therefore it requires a completely different skillset to decode and understand.

What I have found that works is to take the entirety of the transmission, tap into a feminine quality that we all have called intuition, and then FEEL it in totality using your extrasensory abilities.

The best analogy I can give to help you understand what I mean is with music. When you listen to an instrumental piece of music, there are no words, only a melody. Yet, you are still able to understand what the composer is trying to convey through his or her choice of musical notes. You can listen to a melody and know intuitively if it’s about love, happiness, sadness or anger. If you want to understand light language, you have to approach it in a similar fashion. Listen to it as if you are listening to a piece of music. I think light language is more about describing what the vibrations feel like to you or how it affects you. It is only through this way that you can begin to understand and appreciate this art form of communication.

I know this sounds abstract and complicated. That’s only because these qualities have not been encouraged or cultivated by our society. Therefore, they have atrophied. The good news is that these skills are innate in every human being. It’s just a matter of choosing to open back up to it and developing it over time with practice.


What is the Purpose of Light Language?

It’s interesting to note that there is a sudden increase in the emergence of light language all over the planet. I think that this is no coincidence. Instead, I think it’s a symbolic message to indicate that collectively as a human race, we are choosing to shift away from being mind-oriented and moving towards being more heart-oriented. What does this mean?

It means we are choosing to live life, approach each other and ourselves with more compassion, authenticity and alignment. What do I mean by alignment? Let’s use an example with the English language.

How many times have you bumped into someone you haven’t seen in a long time and the first thing you do is compliment them by telling them they look fantastic? But in your head, you are thinking they look really bad. You might think stress has taken a toll on them but you would never say this to the person because, well, it’s not socially correct to do that.

Or how many times have you told someone you’re in a romantic relationship with that you love him/her, but didn’t actually feel that in your heart? You might have even had someone else on the side you were secretly involved with. Isn’t it interesting that human terrestrial languages allow you say something you don’t truly think or feel? This completely changes with light language.


How Can You Use Light Language in Your Everyday Life?

Because our world is energy based and light language uses sound frequencies to alter energy, that makes it possible to use it in any and every situation! Let me share a few personal favourites of how I use it in my everyday life.

  • Cooking: to change the vibration of food so that’s its more in harmony with your body
  • Shower: to change the structure of water and receive a cleansing
  • Driving: to clear traffic and find parking spaces
  • Animals and Plants: to communicate and heal them energetically
  • Babies: to soothe them when they’re crying and in distress
  • Emotions: to release them from our bodies when we don’t know how else to move on

The possibilities are limitless! If you have yours already, then I encourage you to play around with it and see what happens!


How to Activate your Light Language?

I believe everyone has the ability to use light language. Each person’s dialect will be unique because there are an infinite amount of frequencies out there and we are all tuned into something slightly different. So how do you activate yours?

Since light language is a form of communication that comes from the heart, we have to first operate from this place in order to access it. That means you have to come from a place of authenticity, purity and love… bypassing the mind/ego completely.

Everyone is at a different place in their life journey. You will receive your language when you are ready. Like how a flower blossoms, you can’t force the bud open before it’s ready. It opens when the time is right. The same concept applies to activating your light language. Just consciously choose to live your life from the heart and practice the exercise I’ve shared in the video below. Sooner or later, your light language will be activated!

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