Soul Retrieval Session


Soul retrieval is important for healing trauma. Traumatic experiences fragment the soul and these pieces disperse into different spiritual dimensions, resulting in “soul loss” of different aspects of yourself.

This shamanic healing practice will retrieve and integrate these lost parts of your soul back into your body so you can embody yourself fully again. You will experience a greater sense of clarity, presence and well-being as a result.


In this soul retrieval session, lost pieces of your soul will be brought back into your body and integrated. I will facilitate this process by journeying into multiple dimensions using shamanic healing practices and vocal sound frequencies (light language). You will be journeying with me.

Before we can anchor your soul back into your body, we have to first prepare the body. Soul fragmentation is a result of trauma. Even though the danger may no longer exist in your life, you could still be stuck in that state energetically. Your soul senses these energies, thinks the trauma is still going on and will not be willing to return. Therefore, we need to do some healing work first such as clearing trauma imprints from your energy field, releasing negative emotions and removing entity attachments. The goal is to create a safe space in your body that your soul is willing to come back into.

After the ground work is complete, I will retrieve your soul fragments and merge them back together. Then I will perform a beautiful soul embodiment ceremony to anchor your soul back into your heart centre. Depending on the level of unresolved trauma you have, more than one session may be needed to correct your energy body before the soul embodiment ceremony can be done. For this reason, you may want to consider having a light language sound healing session first.

Once the healing work is complete, you’ll receive 10-minutes of personalized light language frequencies in song form as a sound meditation. You can download the audio track and listen to it for the prescribed number of days. It acts like oral medicine but this is music medicine that you consume vibrationally with your ears. These sound frequencies are tailored to your unique energetic signature and will support the changes that will unfold in your energy body, subconscious mind, heart chakra and soul for several days after the session.


Examples of benefits you may receive from this session include:

  • Clear thoughts
  • Better memory
  • Ability to focus and be more present
  • Grounded in this reality
  • Improvement in mental health
  • Emotional stability
  • Increased capacity to handle stress and life challenges
  • Feeling whole/complete again
  • Greater overall health and vitality
  • More happiness, positivity and excitement in life
  • Clarity on who you are and what you’re here to do
  • A sense of being yourself again
  • And more!


Duration: 60 minutes
—40 minutes sound healing
—10 minutes personalized light language frequencies
—10 minutes review
Includes: Audio recording of healing session + light language sound meditation track + written summary report
Location: Online (via Skype)

*You’ll receive the link to schedule a time for your session after payment in the confirmation screen. If those times do not work for you due to time zone differences, please contact me via email to make alternative arrangements.


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