Transform Darkness into Spiritual Growth



★ Feeling increasingly sensitive these days, like you're on an emotional rollercoaster?

★ Struggling to manage your stress and anxiety as life gets more chaotic?

★ Drowning in unresolved issues such as conflicts, emotional pain and trauma that you just don't know how to move on from?

★ Suffering from physical, mental and emotional health problems that medical professionals can't cure?

★ Noticing your fears and insecurities getting stronger, which prevents you from taking steps in the direction you want?

★ Becoming introverted and finding you're not resonating with your social circle and lifestyle anymore?

★ Getting confused over the large amounts of disinformation and finding it difficult to know who and what to trust as real?

★ Experiencing anger, depression and hopelessness as you wake up to the injustice in this world?


There’s a reason to why you’re going through these things. Let me explain.


Right now, humanity is entering a time of great potential for consciousness expansion. Human consciousness is tied intimately to the sensitivity of energy. Since everything is energy, this means people are going to become more aware of their thoughts, memories, feelings and emotions, including any trauma and pain they are unconsciously carrying. Basically, everything that’s hiding in the shadows is being pushed out into the conscious awareness for it to be healed.


This can be a very challenging time that brings up a lot of fear, confusion, chaos and darkness. Suffering will likely rise but it doesn’t have to be that way if you know how to work with energy. If you learn how to transform the energy of darkness into spiritual growth, you can then choose what kind of experience you want to have in life.


There is a higher divine purpose to these intense times. That purpose is to help awaken you to who you truly are and remember the immense power you hold within. More importantly, it’s about using that internal power to free yourself from the pain and suffering that comes from living in this physical reality. Pain and suffering serve as huge catalysts for transformation. Essentially, the stars are aligning to assist you with evolving into your highest multidimensional self so you can set yourself free.



★ Embracing the different waves of human emotions and knowing how to use them to help you grow spiritually

★ Feeling a sense of inner peace and harmony, which is reflected in your physical life

★ Cherishing the happiness, joy, excitement, positivity and sense of wholeness that fills your heart

★ Experiencing vibrant health and glowing natural beauty because your energy field is strong and light flows through you

★ Enjoying all forms of abundance in your life as a result of overcoming your fears and taking action to fulfill your soul purpose

★ Attracting authentic relationships into your life with people who provide genuine connection, support and love

★ Having the mental clarity to discern the truth and to participate in this physical reality the way you choose to

★ Confidently knowing who you are, why you're here and what you need to do to co-create a better world

Yes, all of that is absolutely possible!
Allow me to show you how.

ᐁ ᐁ ᐁ

"All the answers you ever need in life can be found inside of you. You just have to unlock your heart and remember who you are."





You are a spiritual being having a physical experience and your emotions are the bridge between these two dimensions. Learn how to work with your emotions and effectively process its energy in a healthy way so you can make room to fully embody your soul in physical form.




Discover the esoteric secrets to how reality works through the spiritual laws of the Universe. This ancient knowledge will help you understand the true purpose behind your everyday life challenges and show you how to work with your consciousness to overcome them.




Increase your energetic literacy to increase your vibrational frequency. The non-physical realms influence your thoughts, emotions and body. By understanding how energy works, you can work with conscious frequencies to heal yourself and take back control of your life.

The 4 Pillars of Transformation


Examples of what you can achieve in this program:


★ Nervous system regulation
★ Build a strong natural immune system
★ Eliminate unexplainable chronic pain and physical symptoms
★ Implement holistic lifestyle practices to effectively restore your health


★ Develop self-awareness
★ Build self-confidence and self-esteem
★ Reprogram negative self talk and limiting beliefs
★ Dissolve addictive behaviours, unhealthy patterns and intrusive thoughts


★ Heal past traumas to gain inner peace
★ Learn to express your feelings in a healthy way
★ Transform low vibrational emotions into spiritual growth
★ Open your heart to feel self love, happiness and genuine connection


★ Awaken to who you truly are
★ Learn how to identify and trust your intuition
★ Develop soul sovereignty and seek guidance from within
★ Discover your soul purpose and start taking action to acutalize it


Hi, I'm VickiLynn ♡

I'll be your guide through your healing and transformational process.

As a highly sensitive person who experienced trauma, I know what it feels like to be in that place of chaos and suffering. Through my own journey into darkness, I learned how to turn inwards and formulate the antidote to heal myself. I figured out how to merge all the fragmented pieces together within me, transcend the emotional pain by finding meaning behind it and turn my life around. From doing it and living it, I know firsthand what it takes to not just cope with your problems, but to actually heal them at the source so you can be truly free.

Now, I'm here to show you how you can do it for yourself. I'm here to awaken you to your own internal transformational blueprint. It's time to open your heart to who you really are so you can shine your light brightly here where it is needed the most.


Instead of work with several different people who don't usually communicate as a team or align energetically, you get the convenience of all three services in one:


Throughout my numerous mystical encounters, I’ve received frequencies from different light beings that have activated innate abilities within me. In experimenting with those abilities, I learned how to alchemize energy and created my own way of healing. I use my voice to bridge the spiritual world with the physical realm, and deliver pure healing sound frequencies in the form of light language and vocal toning. I also weave quantum light with my hands into the holographic field to clear dense energies.


Life is a spiritual initiation for the soul. Until we remember how to see and interpret our experiences that way, challenges will continue to bring chaos, confusion and fear. As a person who has always been able to see things from a higher perspective and navigate in the spiritual realm, I can help you make sense of everything by identifying the soul lessons behind your life challenges. By understanding the purpose behind them, you can then take the necessary actions to transform the chaos and suffering into spiritual growth.


You’ll be held in a supportive space as you move through your transformational journey. I take a multidimensional approach that aims to integrate all aspects of who you are. You’ll be guided to make changes to your internal world that will create a harmonious outer reality. The focus will be on developing skills and abilities that allow you to become spiritually sovereign such as self-awareness, intuition and confidence. This is so you can step into your personal power and choose your destiny.

"To unlock your heart, you need a specific combination of codes that will turn the lock like a key. That key comes in the form of sound frequencies."


This program is designed to ensure you will succeed in your transformational journey. You'll be given supportive tools that cover all the different components of healing so you can experience real positive changes.

Here is what is included:

Healing Sessions

You'll receive healing sessions to address the energetic and spiritual cause of your problems. Sessions will also provide insight into the root cause of your issues, which will form the outline of what we focus on during the mentorship calls. A very detailed written report on the findings will be provided.

Sound Frequency Medicine

You'll be given a personalized prescription of encoded light language frequencies for your dose of sound frequency medicine. These are tailored to your energetic signature and will support your energy body, subconscious mind, heart and soul as it goes through energetic changes from the healing session. 

Mentorship Calls

There will be 60-minute mentorship calls where we work on the themes that come up in your healing session. Through guided inner work, we will transform those problems psychologically from the inside out. You'll receive practical advice and be taught specific techniques that you can use in your daily life.

Journal Prompts

Personalized journal prompts relevant to what we discuss in the mentorship calls will also be included. These are intended to help you build self-awareness, bring unconscious patterns to the conscious level and integrate the growth. They will encourage the practice of self reflection and inner work on your own.

Custom Healing Plan

Since everyone is different, I will custom design a comprehensive healing plan to fit your needs based on the information gathered from your exploration call. This will provide a general roadmap on how we will reach your goals. As you progress through the program, we will update the plan and your healing goals as needed.

Email Support

To ensure you feel supported through every step of your transformational journey, you'll receive unlimited email support from me. This is to assist you as things arise in between healing sessions and mentorship calls. As well, if you have any questions, you can send me an email and I will respond within 24 hours.

"A generic key doesn't open your front door, it's the same for the door to your heart. You'll need sound frequencies tailored to your unique energetic signature to unlock that special door."


Here's an idea of what the journey of your first week will look like:


Here are a few answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Is this only a spiritual healing program?

This healing program covers all the layers of who you are - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Since everyone is different, more emphasis will be placed on the area that you specifically need help with. Spiritual healing weaves through the entire program because it's the glue that holds everything together. It is often the missing link in many people's healing journey and why they don't achieve real results that last.

What is different about this program?

This is a one-of-a-kind program that blends together healing work and mentorship learning to help you reach the highest possible level of success in your transformational process. You'll also receive personalized prescriptions of light language sound frequencies that will help reconnect you to your soul and foster better spiritual health.

What if I want more healing sessions?

This program is customizable so it can be designed to fit your personal needs. Additional fees may apply for additional services.

How is this program delivered?

All sessions will be held over a Skype audio call, with video as an option for the mentorship call if preferred. All other communication will occur through email. Links will be provided for you to download the audio recording of the healing session, as well as your personalized prescription of light language sound frequencies. These will be recorded as high quality 432 Hz tuned tracks so you receive the purest healing sound frequencies when you listen to them.

Don’t See Your Question In The FAQ’s?

You can email me directly at to get in touch. You will get a response within one business day.