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ET Contact Experience in Arizona: When You Least Expect It

Red sandstone buttes in Monument Valley Arizona

There is something special about the state of Arizona. To the naked eye, it appears to be just barren land with extreme conditions that support very little lifeform.

While I do prefer places brimming with lush greenery and ample signs of life, I somehow find myself coming back to this barren land over and over again. All I know is it elicits euphoria deep inside me so I am just following my heart and what feels good to me.

A Kept Secret

On my third visit to Arizona, something extraordinary happens to me during my travels. It changes me spiritually, mentally and even physically.

What is it?

Well… I had a fully conscious contact experience with extraterrestrial beings in broad daylight and in complete sobriety. Yes, I’m talking about ETs… as in aliens.

It’s pretty out there, I know.

In truth, I’ve actually been having these experiences for a few years now. Each ET contact experience has uplifted me in so many ways. I love having them and look forward to the next one. Despite this, I have been reluctant to share my experiences publicly for many different reasons. Thus far, my connection to these beautiful beings have been a kept secret, with only a handful of open-minded individuals knowing.

When You Least Expect It

I came on this trip with somewhat of an expectation that I would have an ET contact experience. I have been on the lookout every single day, but the trip is midway through and I have yet to spot a ship in the sky. Disappointed by this, I can only find comfort in the wise words my friend said to me. Something along the lines of if you want to have contact, it doesn’t happen, but the moment you let that desire go, they come.

Of all the places my mom and I are going to visit on this trip, I figured Sedona would be the place for me to have ET contact. It is well known for having energy vortexes and thin veils to allow for mystical experiences such as UFO sightings to occur easily. But we are leaving Sedona this afternoon and nothing has happened. I come to terms with the fact that I am not going to have an encounter after all and let that desire go. Instead, I turn my focus towards enjoying the rest of the trip in a regular 3D fashion like a normal person.

The morning consisted of visiting the Palatki Ruins outside of Sedona. This archaeological site exudes so much positive energy that I leave the site feeling on top of the world and with a natural head high. After grabbing lunch at Whole Foods, we drive out of Sedona towards Flagstaff, with Page as the final destination point.

Temperature Drops

About 40 minutes into the drive, we pass through Humphrey’s Peak in Flagstaff. All of a sudden, I feel extremely cold and then get plagued with a serious case of the chills. It’s so bad that I start uncontrollably shivering and shaking as I drive.

I look at the temperature reading in the car and it shows that it’s set to a comfortable 74°F. Odd.

I turn to my mom and tell her I am having the chills and need my winter coat. She grabs it for me and I put it on while I drive. The coat provides zero relief and I continue to shiver and shake intensely.

Out of desperation, I decide to turn the heat up to 80°F and blasting it on high. For some strange reason, I still don’t feel any improvements. I put my hand over the car vents and all I feel is cold air. As a matter of fact, there’s a constant gust of icy cold arctic air blowing at me from my feet up to my face.

Is it just me or is something seriously wrong? Looking for validation, I ask my mom if cold air is blowing out of the vents. She says no, it’s warm air and the car actually feels very tropical at this point.

Time Stalls

Since there’s nothing really I could do, I just continue driving shivering and shaking. As I am driving, I notice the head high I was experiencing earlier from visiting Palatki Ruins has not subsided but instead, intensified!

Then I noticed something very unusual. The GPS time seems to be stalling. Driving for what feels like 30 minutes only results in one minute elapsing. I feel like I am cycling through a time loop and re-experiencing the same moment. It feels awfully strange.

Suddenly, I realize what is happening. I realize in total excitement that a major ET contact experience is slowly unfolding.

Driving into a Storm Cloud

As I drive north on the highway, a large storm cloud ahead captures my attention. Something about it feels unusual. I have seen storm clouds before and on a superficial level, this one looks normal in comparison. What is a bit strange though is sunny blue skies surround this storm cloud. So for miles and miles of open land, it’s actually a beautiful day except where this storm clouds sits in the sky.

Intuitively, I know it’s a massive ET ship in disguise. And guess what? I am driving straight towards it. Super exciting!

My mom’s been dying to have ET contact but before I can turn to her and share this exciting news, she lets out a snore. I can’t believe as we are about to drive into the energy field of an ET ship, she passes out!

As we enter into its energy field, gentle spitting rain splashes onto the windshield. I was honestly expecting much more intense weather patterns for a storm cloud of this size.

The previous intensified head high has now amplified exponentially. I feel extremely light-headed and everything becomes exceedingly dreamy. My visuals are coated in a white haze, making all the colours turn into shades of muted pastels. Everything looks exceptionally luminous and bright.

I continue to have serious shivers and shakes, but that’s not all. Things have physically kicked up a few notches for me. I am now producing very large and long yawns continuously. As well, my body muscles are seizing as I drive. I am making abnormal body contortions, all while operating a vehicle. Luckily through my experience working with energy, I know that this is how my body integrates intense high frequencies that are coming through.

Then, like a phone call finally establishing a connection, I unexpectedly find myself mentally dialled in on their frequency and communication is initialized.

To be continued…

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