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Spiritual DNA: The Doorway to Your Multidimensional Self

Science has only decoded 2% of the human genome. Did you ever wonder what the rest of it is for? It is by no means junk. Science just hasn’t reached a level of consciousness to understand what it’s looking at. A majority your DNA actually codes for your multidimensional self. This means you have spiritual DNA that accounts for things like your consciousness, your soul’s connection to Source and innate spiritual gifts. If everyone carries these incredible genetic potentials, why does it seem like none of it is being actualized in humanity? Well, it has to do with energy.


Epigenetics and DNA Expression

As quantum physics states, everything is energy. This also applies to the many problems plaguing humanity today. Things like emotional pain, trauma, fears, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk are all energies. Through epigenetics, we know that our environment influences our gene expression. Dense energies, like the examples above, create an environment that suppresses positive gene expression.

These dense energies create a barrier around your DNA and blocks light from reaching it. Light is needed to clear, heal and turn on beneficial genes. As more of them turn on, your consciousness expands and you increase your ability to self-actualize as the unlimited multidimensional being that you are. But without light, your ability to do that is significantly reduced. This is the reason why I think humanity is nowhere near actualizing its genetic potential.


Inheriting Ancestral Energies

If you experience resistance in releasing certain problems or find yourself struggling to overcome destructive patterns in your life, the reason may run a lot deeper than you realize.

Did you know that ancestral traumas, limiting beliefs and patterns also get passed down the family line genetically? Yes, it’s true! These dense energies end up imprinting onto the genome. You can inherit these energies just like physical traits.

So the next time you come across resistance during inner work or feel hopelessly stuck in life, remember this. You’re not just working to heal your own issues, you’re also carrying everything from your entire ancestral lineage. Part of your purpose here on Earth is to help your ancestors heal those things. So when life gets really tough, remember all that you’re carrying. It will help you find self-compassion.


What is Spiritual DNA?

I mentioned earlier that the other 98% of your genome that science doesn’t understand is actually your spiritual DNA. These genetic codes are responsible for things like your consciousness, your soul’s connection to Source, spiritual gifts, immortality, psychic abilities and eternal knowledge that extends beyond time and space. Basically, it holds everything that makes up your infinite multidimensional self. When these genes turn on, you become the greatest version of yourself. You reach your highest potential as a human being. You embody the divine image of a human being, both physically and spiritually.


How to Turn On Your Spiritual DNA?

Sounds alluring doesn’t it? I know you want that! So how can you turn on your amazing spiritual DNA?

It’s all about energy so the simple answer is you need to clear the dense energies suppressing its expression and nature will do the rest. You can start by becoming aware of the non-physical influences in your environment and make lifestyle changes. You can then move onto inner work to heal the history of abuse, trauma and pain you’re carrying. But to really see results, you’ll need to take things up a notch and engage in spiritual healing to clear those dense energies. As you improve your energetic environment, you lift the barrier that’s blocking the light needed to bring your spiritual DNA online. When the pathways are open, the natural process of evolving into your unlimited multidimensional self will then unfold on its own.

I offer a spiritual consultation session and light language sound healing session if you’d like to receive personal support on this. You can also use my free sound meditation to clear these energies and start bringing more light into your DNA. I combine different elements of conscious sound healing (vocal toning, light language and specific sound code sequences) to help you do this. Enjoy!


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