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Activating Telepathy with Dolphins in Hawaii

The Delphinus constellation can be seen in the northern night sky. It sits along the edges of the Milky Way and resembles a dolphin jumping out of the water. When the Delphinus Stargate activates and opens within us, we begin to embody qualities of joy and bliss in our everyday lives.

What’s interesting is that for the past six months, I’ve been receiving the vibrational essence of Delphinus. Considering there are currently 88 recognized constellations out there, it is hardly a coincidence that I am resonating specifically with that one. As with all things in life, there are no accidents.

Three months into taking this essence, an opportunity presents itself for this energy to manifest in my life physically. Following my intuition, I end up in Hawaii and proceed to have an incredible encounter with a pod of wild dolphins.


My Dolphin Activation

Dolphins communicate by using high frequency sound vibrations that are generally well above the range of human perception. Occasionally, they produce sounds that fall on the lower spectrum of frequencies which humans can hear, like high-pitched whistling and clicking sounds.

Because of our auditory limitations though, we often times don’t hear anything at all. That doesn’t mean nothing is happening. They are still transmitting a lot of frequencies in every direction. Therefore swimming with dolphins is essentially immersing your body in a healing oceanic sound bath!

As I joyfully interact with them in the ocean, I get bathed in all these incredible dolphin frequencies. Frequencies contain information that have the ability to heal and activate us on many levels. Activations can bring forth different latent skills, abilities, expanded awareness and insights which help us embody more of who we truly are.

The Universe so generously gives me an opportunity to be in their physical presence for an activation. I get to upgrade my communication abilities to be more like these highly intelligent and intuitive dolphins.


Communicating through Telepathy

When dolphins make their sounds, they are actually communicating telepathically using sound frequencies. Frequencies contain information. Many people report receiving mental images when they interact with dolphins. And guess what? Mental imagery is one of the most common ways in which the human body physicalizes these invisible frequencies.

Just like light language, telepathy is an advanced heart-centred communication style. In order for it to work, it requires us to come from a place of authenticity as we interact. Two people wanting to communicate telepathically must learn how to harmonize their frequencies and share a unified consciousness. It’s similar to what dolphins do with their “pod mind”.


The Gifts of Ascension

Telepathy isn’t a fictional reality or a superhero ability. Did you know that ancient civilizations throughout history used telepathy as a regular way to communicate? Somewhere along the storyline, words replaced telepathy. And with that, our ability to connect and understand each other became greatly compromised. Words can only convey a tiny fraction of what telepathy can. Telepathy offers a more complete set of information so that a person can receive the full picture in 4K HD colour, not just black and white.

Whether it’s energies from the cosmos or energies from animals we interact with, they are all here to support us in the process of becoming a greater version of ourselves. Some people refer to this as the process of Ascension. I like to think of it as the evolution of being human. We are rising, or ascending, towards actualizing our greater human potential. Telepathy is just one of the many gifts we will receive as we progress along this transformative, and hopefully fun, journey.

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