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How to Survive the Chaos Sweeping Across Our Planet Now

blue and purple milky way galaxy

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” ― Hermes Trismegistus

However you want to frame it, there is no question that something WILD is occurring on our planet right now. The energies are super intense and they are escalating by the day. As a result, it’s shaking things up in every possible way. We see this reflected in the chaos playing out on the world stage. As Hermes so wisely once said, what happens in the outside world also happens within us. Essentially, life will be a mirror reflection of what goes on within our subconscious mind.


Blasted with Frequencies

There are A LOT of cosmic frequencies hitting the Earth right now. This month alone consisted of a major coronal mass ejection from our sun and a total solar eclipse. All year, we’ve been treated to special lunar events (i.e. super moons, lunar eclipses). We also have the upcoming Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn to look forward to on December 21, 2020.

Quantum mechanics states everything is a wave. Waves transfer energy. Energy affects human beings in a multitude of ways, such as our brainwaves and DNA. All these cosmic events are giving off a tremendous amount of light energy which is affecting us in our daily lives.


Light Illuminates Darkness

The chaos we are witnessing in the world and in our personal lives at this time is directly related to the massive amounts of light energy penetrating the Earth. This light is illuminating all aspects of our reality and who we are, exposing everything that was previously hidden in the dark. Think of it as turning on hundreds of bright lights in a dark storage room and suddenly seeing everything that is hiding in there.

What do we tend to hide in the dark? Unpleasant and unsightly truths about ourselves we have yet to face. Painful experiences we have yet to deal with. Shameful and immoral things we’ve done but have yet to own up to.

Basically, all of our personal and collective secrets, truths, fears, insecurities and beliefs are being revealed. The deepest and darkest of them all are now coming out as the light illuminates every corner of our shadow. There’s nowhere to hide these things anymore. These things are showing up in our life as problems, challenges, and instability. This is why so many people are having an incredibly challenging year.

By the way, the incoming cosmic frequencies are only going to intensify. The amount of photon light that is penetrating the Earth, and subsequently us, will escalate from here on. Considering so many are already suffering tremendously by this illumination, this seems like terrible news. No need to worry, there is a solution!


Outer World Mirrors Inner World

As the quote above states, our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. The outer world includes things in our everyday life such as our job, finances, interpersonal relationships, health, climate changes and world politics. The inner world includes the layers of our mind (i.e. subconscious beliefs), emotions, habitual patterns, past experiences, traumas and personal prejudices. The outer and inner world always match up to each other.

Therefore if you are experiencing a lot of challenges in your everyday life, it may be wise to take a look internally at who you are and make some adjustments within. Inner work is a psychological practice where you turn your focus away from the external world and into your inner world. It’s about engaging in self-reflection to gain awareness and understanding of why you create the situations in your life. Essentially, life problems are embedded with lessons to help us grow. Our purpose in life on this planet is to evolve.

I encourage you to find the strength from within to deal with everything that’s surfacing for you. It’s time to get busy with your inner homework because the only way out of a bad situation is to walk through it courageously.


The Party Is Just Starting

While many are hoping things return back to what is comfortable and familiar in the new year, I’m not sure that’s a realistic expectation. My sense is that this great prophesied event of transformation for humanity has just started to sweep across the planet in obvious ways. People everywhere are finally beginning to wake up. The real work and heavy lifting commences now, so how could the chaos end when the party is just starting? Transformation takes time. It cannot be rushed. Personal growth is a life-long commitment with multiple uncomfortable meetings with the Dark Knight of the Soul.

Ayahuasca taught me a simple yet important lesson years ago, which is that change is the only constant in life. Humanity is changing in profound ways. The energies are different now and our consciousness is evolving with it. It’s not possible for things to stay the same or for them to return back to how they use to be.

The process of change brings death and destruction and while that looks bad right now, it’s nothing to be fearful of. Know that death makes room for new things to be born. Like the four seasons we experience on Earth, once winter passes, spring comes around where new and possibly better things will bloom.

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