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What is Light Language? How to Understand It, Activate It, Use It and More


Glossolalia is a phenomenon in which a person spontaneously begins to speak an unknown language. In 2016, this phenomenon happened to me. After a series of extraordinary events, I suddenly began speaking a non-terrestrial language that I have never learned before. I now refer to it as etheric light language.


What is Light Language?

Light language is a form of vibrational medicine. It uses sound frequencies to affect physicality, as seen in the field of cymatics. These sound vibrations shift the energy of a person or place back into its natural harmonic state, restoring the original perfect form. This brings healing.

Light language is basically using sound to heal. Examples of sound therapy that are currently in use include binaural beats, tuning forks, crystal bowls, chanting, and classical music. I think light language is a very, very new and innovative form of sound healing. Over time as we understand more on how frequencies affect the human body, I believe this will become more common in people’s everyday lives.


How Does Light Language Work?

When light language is spoken, the most important aspect of it is the vibration of each word pronounced. These vibrations affect the cells in the body by calibrating them back into their perfect harmonic state through something called resonance. The cells in the body take on, or become, the vibrations of the words spoken.

So in a way, light language is a form of communication where the speaker talks to the body using sound frequencies. The speaker acts as a radio antenna, picking up on different frequencies in the environment, consolidates that information, translates it and then expresses it through her physical body. The information is communicated through different forms of light language that is physically perceivable by the human sensory system.

Epigenetics emphasize how our environment can activate various genes. Sound frequencies are codes of information from our environment that can turn on your DNA. Science has identified genes responsible for different qualities, skills and abilities. Therefore, I believe light language can activate DNA and allow you to embody more of who you really are in physical form.


The Different Forms of Light Language

There are different forms of light language. I will highlight the ones that are most familiar to me:

  • Spoken Light Language: using vocal cords to produce sound frequencies in word form or tones to alter energy.
  • Signing Light Language: using hand movements to alter energy in a physical space. This is often used in holographic energy work and can be combined with spoken light language.
  • Written Light Language: using written symbols to express frequencies. Examples include Reiki symbols and the Om symbol.
  • Somatic Light Language: using body movements and postures to alter one’s energy. Yoga postures and mudras would be an example. As well, dancing such as “shaking medicine”.

These forms of light language are the body’s way of physicalizing frequencies that previously had no way of manifesting in physical form.


Where Does Light Language Come From?

Since light language is our body’s way of translating and expressing frequencies, the more accurate question is “where are these frequencies coming from?” The simple answer to that question is… everywhere!

Most people are probably looking for a more precise answer, like a specific place it is emanating from. The problem with this is we can only label what we have discovered and know about. In reality, frequencies exists everywhere around us, and at this time, we just don’t have the capacity to identify and perceive all that is out there.

Also, labeling things is a human egoic desire, which is very contradicting to the purpose of light language. Light language is here to encourage us to get out of our head space and drop down into our heart in order to FEEL. Therefore, the desire to label where light language comes from completely defeats the very purpose it is here to serve.


How Do You Understand and Translate Light Language?

When I first received my light language, I wanted to translate what I was saying verbatim into English. After all, linguistics teaches us to break down languages into cognitive structures like phonetics, vocabulary, syntax, grammar, semantics and acquisition. However, none of those things apply to light language because it’s not a linear terrestrial language so it cannot be translated that way. It’s multidimensional and requires a completely different skillset to decode and understand.

What I have found that works best is to take the entirety of the transmission, tap into a feminine quality that we all have called intuition, and then FEEL it in totality using your extrasensory abilities.

For example, when you listen to an instrumental piece of music, there are no words, only a melody. Yet, for some reason, you can listen to that melody and know intuitively whether it’s about love, happiness, sadness or anger. If you want to understand light language, you have to approach it in a similar way of listening to music. I think light language is more about becoming aware of how those vibrations affects you. It is only through this way that you can begin to understand and appreciate this art form of communication.

This may seem abstract and complicated, but that’s only because these qualities have not been encouraged or cultivated by our society so they’ve atrophied. The good news is that these skills are innate in every human being. It’s just a matter of choosing to open back up to it and developing it over time with practice.


What is the Purpose of Light Language?

Our world is going through a major transition right now, everything from the physical planet to the consciousness of the human race. Light language is one of the manifestations of this change. I believe humans are choosing to shift away from being mind-oriented and becoming more heart-oriented. This means we are choosing to live life, approach each other and ourselves with more compassion, authenticity and alignment. What do I mean by alignment? Let’s use an example with the English language.

How many times have you told someone you’re in a romantic relationship with that you love him/her, but didn’t actually feel anything in your heart? Isn’t it interesting that human terrestrial languages allow you to say something you don’t truly think or feel? This completely changes with light language where what you say matches how you feel in your heart and what you think in your mind.


How Can You Use Light Language in Your Everyday Life?

Because our world is energy based and light language uses sound frequencies to alter energy, that makes it possible to use it in any and every situation! Let me share a few personal favourites of how I use it in my everyday life.

  • Cooking: to change the vibration of food so that it’s more in harmony with the body
  • Shower: to change the structure of water and receive a cleansing (i.e. holy water, Emoto’s work)
  • Driving: to clear traffic and find parking spaces
  • Animals and Plants: to communicate and heal them energetically
  • Babies: to soothe them when they’re crying and in distress
  • Emotions: to release them from our bodies, such as in trauma body work


How to Activate your Light Language?

I believe everyone can activate their own light language. Each person’s “dialect” will be unique because there are an infinite amount of frequencies out there. We are all tuned into something slightly different and will express it in our own unique ways. So how do you activate yours?

Since light language is a form of communication that comes from the heart, we have to first operate from this place in order to access it. That means you get out of your head and choose to operate through your heart by coming from a place of authenticity, purity and love.

Everyone is at a different place in their life journey. You will receive your language when the time is right. Just consciously choose to live your life from the heart, practicing compassion and kindness as best you can. The rest will unfold naturally as it always does.